As a follow up to my post of last week…more thoughts on accessorizing.

The components of an inviting home are many.  A house can have “good bones” as they like to say and still not be warm due to an ineffective layout of furniture, proportion / scale of furnishings and/or any number of other factors.

My friend Carla has a talent for not only finding wonderful antique accessories but for displaying them as well.

That said, I do know,  for me personally, accessories can make or break my impression of a home.  I believe that accessories should be personal and reflect the interests / history of its owners.  The accessories are always my favorite part.  If items are placed well (grouping small items has a greater impact) they create interest and a beauty that for me makes the room sing.  The mementos of ones travels or family pictures make a home seem inviting.

My library features my favorite accessory, dogs!

I realize that this is a topic that has as many opinions as there are homeowners who care enough to ‘feather their nests’.  I don’t like accessories that appear to be too matchy-matchy, too plastic (you know, fake age), or are too contrived.  I prefer interesting items that look as though there was some story to tell…something with history.

Isn't this a beautiful piece?! Carla is Queen of eBay.

You can always add a little history by collecting vintage or antique items that appeal to you.  Collecting is so much fun and the hunt is about 75% of it!  Tag or garage sales, thrift stores and some antique stores that host several vendors have a great many things that aren’t expensive.  Shop your parents, grandparents and relatives houses for items with a family history and many times they will be so pleased you are interested they will give you the first item for your collection.

Accessorizing can be fun and truly provide the “icing on the cake (home)”.