Dear Readers,

As you may know, Son #1 created this website for me.  What you may not know is that he works for a huge interactive ad agency all while managing his own websites, one of which is Trojan Wire.  (Please give him a few days before trying to link to this site, he’s in the process of moving the site to serve his readers better).  Trojan Wire is a football site dedicated to USC Trojan fans—I hope this admission didn’t just cost me any UCLA (or other competing football schools) readers!

In any event, he recently moved my site to a new, better server and subsequently moved Trojan Wire.  Some of my subscribers may have gotten an email from Trojan Wire (that showed Garden, Home and Party) in the RE: line.These are little glitches that Son #! is working to remedy.  Thank you for your patience and Fight On!  {Sorry, once a part of the Trojan Family, always a part!}