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plan – 1.  to devise a scheme for doing, making or arranging  2.  to have in mind as a project or purpose;   dream – a fond hope or aspiration

Cart before the horse…I’m always dreaming of the next “thing” (code for project) I’d like to do to my home.  The project list is long and money (money being the horse in this whole cart horse scenario)  is usually the only hiccup in starting on that project, but that doesn’t stop me.  I’m forever thinking of things I’d like to do to our home.  I know some you must feel the same way—when you love doing something it occupies your thoughts more often than not, right?

Oh yeah, this is on the list as well---I've even talked to a friend who is a contractor and he said it wouldn't be that difficult to build!

That said, I was reminded recently how dreaming it is only the first step in the process, duh.

Carol and Barry, good friends of ours, recently did a major remodeling job on their home.  It took months of working with an architect to determine how the exterior of the home would change, to how each room within the new space would work.  Carol is an exercise buddy and know how much time and energy went into the planning process for her remodel, but it was only the tip of the iceberg.

I'd love a little playhouse in the back yard. Image via House Beautiful

As the construction began there were additional details and decisions that had to be made—what kind of hardware for the cabinetry, appliances for the kitchen, flooring, paint color, tile selection, marble/granite, finish on the floors, carpet (where used), lighting and on and on.

The learning curve is very steep on a major remodel, kind of like the learning curve on planning a wedding—there are always things that come up that are somewhat unexpected.

Love the wood walls. Image via KML Design

A recent guest blog on one of my favorite sites, Velvet & Linen, was given by Interior Designer Gwen Driscoll and it addressed this very topic.  She said that she feels the most important part of her work with a client is A MASTER PLAN.  Read her feature HERE.

…and my point you ask?  I believe that dreaming about the next big project could be very helpful if and when that lottery money arrives (no, I don’t actually buy lottery tickets but maybe I should).   I’ll have some of the planning done and be better equipped to remodel that guest bathroom that is currently in a sad state to be sure!

I've priced vanities, mirrors, wall sconces and hardware for this bathroom...now all I need is the money, easy-peasy!

Note:  I’m happy to report that my friend’s house is close to being finished and I believe it’s going to be amazing.  I hope to talk her into a few pics for my blog!