I don’t think I’ve ever thought of myself as a “follower”; in fact I’ve usually thought that if anything, I had the ability to be a “leader”—although I don’t especially like to be in charge so maybe that whole “leader” thing is something I imagined about myself, or my mom told me I was a leader when she wanted me to do something…(Moms can be clever that way).

Hold that thought—so about 1 ½ years ago, when I seriously discovered the wide world of blog sites that featured interior design (a self-admitted passion (interiors) since I was a pre-teen) I have found myself torn between what I like and what I think I might like due to the influence of others.

I’ve never been afraid of color in rooms…my family room exhibits this fact.

White is my accent color in my family room.

Red anyone?

But—I love this look.  I keep thinking of rooms that I could change to create this look.  What do you think?  Can a girl who is usually thrilled with the drama of a red family room ever find true love in a white room?

There is something so fresh about white wood and white dishes.

Image via a Better Homes and Gardens piece on French rooms...so pretty, love the symetry.

I first saw this image on Melissa Michael's site, The Inspired Room. Image via Country Living

My friend, Alison, over at paper{whites} once posted that white was her favorite color, I can see why.

I love the white table and chairs and the white salt/pepper grinder.

Layla Palmer at The Lettered Cottage redid their dining room wall—how great is this, white never looked so good.

Layla & her talented husband created this dining room in white. Visit the link to see how they did this...amazing talent!

Things that Inspire did a post about choosing a fireplace mantle for her home and most of the rooms were shades of white {ohhh, sigh}.

I realize the walls aren't white-white but the overall effect is soothing with white chairs and white fireplace.

A Country Farmhouse just redid her dining room.  I love the clean lines and brightness of this room.  Her whole house is so fresh.

A Country Farmhouse has an incredible house---most of her rooms are white. This reminds me of the "less is more" philosophy.

Then I stumble across these images and I think, I must have some red in my house.  Don’t get me wrong, I only have a red family room/kitchen.  I haven’t gone completely overboard.  But I do love red.

Image via Better Homes and Gardens---too much for a small space? Maybe.

I'm not sure I'm bold enough to put red on the wood (mostly because I'd be afraid I'd tire of it and it would cost a lot of money to re-do, right?

Faithful friends/readers will already know that I love toile and red is just fine, thank you.


See, I’m really attracted to white, but I love other colors (red, blue & white, black, taupe, gray) too.  Wait, am I whining?  Maybe just a little—I just love so many beautiful rooms and I’d have to have a 30-room house to accommodate all of them!  What do you do when you see something you love but aren’t sure is really YOU?