Our “birthday group” met in celebration of my birthday as well as hubby’s.  My friend Carla, whose home I have featured before HERE hosted the dinner and as always she created a theme that was near and dear to my heart.

Carla's collection is displayed in several areas of her home. This antique Welsh cupboard has some favorites.

Some of her antique sugar bowls house orchids for her kitchen island.

This Staffordshire stands out on this beautiful antique wood carved shelf.

Carla has collected, over many years, an incredible collection of antique Staffordshire figures.  She has a real talent for finding many of her best pieces on eBay.  We (her friends) all marvel at her talent for her discovery of the prized figures for a great price (relatively speaking).  So when she asked me what she should adorn the birthday dinner table with, I quickly suggested her Staffordshire dogs.  Hubby and I have 2 live dogs (although I believe the pottery kind would be less work!) and I knew with Carla’s flair, her table would be beautiful…I wasn’t disappointed.

Among her collections are antique ivory framed portraits.

Carla had brought one of her lanterns in and placed some antique egg cups filled with live viola's in the base of the lantern...that along with a tine figure made for such a great centerpiece for her kitchen table.

sadly, the image doesn’t do this piece justice.

We had such a jolly good time and everything was delicious.  Thank you Wendy and Linda for amazing appetizers and Joyce for the best birthday cake!  Thank you Carla and Tom for opening your lovely home for our birthday and thanks for preparing a fabulous chicken dish (recipe HERE).  No one went home hungry!