“Traditional architecture for the modern world”

~Fairfax & Sammons Architecture

Years ago, when I wasn’t working full time in the corporate world, I used to go with my girlfriends on home tours.  There was one in Pasadena that has been held annually since 1948. The tour benefits music programs such as Los Angeles Philharmonic, local symphonic, cultural and educational programs.

I haven’t read their book but will need to add it to the list now that I’ve seen their website.

The often historic homes that I toured were really estates in the truest sense of the word.  They were on nice sized pieces of land and often had “carriage houses” on their grounds.

Nice lot, right?

A pattern began to emerge each year as I toured these homes, I invariably fell absolutely head over heals for the carriage house.  There was something always charming and cozy about the smaller, utilitarian structure that had broad appeal for me.

I love the shutters and doors set in the brick facade.

Some time ago I happened upon a feature in Southern Accents  about a Carriage House in New York’s Greenwich Village.

The details are what the firm is known for. The bar in the carriage house is tailored and masculine---very appealing.

The architects are a husband and wife team and the firm bore their last names, Fairfax & Sammons (Anne Fairfax and Richard Sammons).

Fireplace in a kitchen, what could be cozier?

The details were appealing and while not overly small, the rooms were comfortable and inviting.

I notice there's a lot of natural light in this carriage house. Architects have to be given some credit for capturing the best of the lot.

Love the chandelier and Juliette balcony above the entry.

If you’d like to read more of what this firm has done and see the incredible pictures of their work visit HERE.