Easter Sunday Son #2 and his lovely girlfriend, Sarah, entertained both families by preparing a wonderful, festive feast of Honey Baked Ham, glazed carrots, roasted asparagus bundles and all the trimmings.

This was my first visit to Sarah’s home and I was thrilled to see her decorating style in person.  Sarah and I (as well as her mother for that matter) share an interest in interior design.  I knew that Sarah liked bold colors such as black and purple and was very interested in seeing how she used these colors.  Unfortunately I forgot to grab my camera but I will tell you her home is stunning.

So that I could share this post with you all I searched for some rooms that reflect the colors above.  As a fan of black it was easier for me to find images that use black but there were some fun images of purple that I’ve thrown in for fun.  Enjoy!

I thought I’d start with a small beverage and treat before your tour begins…

Cupcakes from Planet-Cake bakery

Sarah’s kitchen is charcoal with a beautiful gray granite…I love the glass fronts on these cabinets and the steel bar stools.

This image from British House Beautiful isn’t anything like Sarah’s living room, but the wallpaper pattern reminds me a bit of the bold purple and black pattern Sarah used on a wall in her living room with great effect.

Image by Thomas Loof, House Beautiful

Image by Tim Street-Porter, House Beautiful

I love the crisp contrast of the black and white stripes on this terrace.  The green plants makes a beautiful, serene setting for an outdoor space.

Image by Victoria Pearson, House Beautiful

Black lacquered walls with white contrast, stunning.

What’s that…you finished your drink and need another, no problem…

While you sip your Lavendertini I’ll show you some of the non-room designs I found while search the world of purple and black…

Sarah, you could pull these off with style! 🙂


To wrap up our tour of bold colors today…

Image via Slim Paley


This was fun, wasn’t it?  Its surprising what you find once your world is open to new color!