I don’t typically write posts about personal products or fashion, although I love reading sites that do!  Inspiration to break out came by way of Polished Pebble, a blog site written by the very talented Kelley.

Early this year she published a  piece about New Year’s organizing.  You know what that’s like, second only to spring cleaning, it’s such a great way to start the new year. She covered the essentials where her winter wardrobe (enviable) is concerned and mentioned in closing,

Will someone please write a post about purses and analyze why we put so much stuff in them…it’s truly amazing.  It’s as if we women were taught at an early age that the ability to cram your entire life into a smallish bag (which you will then carry around your neck until you need surgery, is part of growing up

Garden, Home and Party: Purses I have loved purses since I was a child.  I’m sure that there are a lot of you who share similar feelings for the essential handbag most women, and a few men, carry.  But
I do wonder sometimes why I feel the need to carry so many “what if” items.  Yes, I was a Girl Scout, and their motto [Be prepared] must have stuck.  Or maybe it’s because I’m a mother, albeit of adult children with their own children, but maybe that’s when it began.

I carry this Coach bag  when I trade off on purses (a favorite) but it weighs as much as the other one when loaded with my stuff…heavy.

Garden, Home and Party: Organizing

So I just couldn’t resist the temptation to pare down my handbag contents.  I’ve successfully pared down most of the closets, drawers and cupboards in our home, why can’t I do this?  It should be easy, right?

First of all, here is an inventory of what I carry in the current suitcase purse I lug it around (the items I’ve lined through I’m going to try to eliminate).  {By the way, I’ve never managed to be organized enough to change purses for different outfits.  I tend to carry a purse until it dies, or I tire of it, and then buy or switch to another to start a new cycle}

Garden, Home and Party: orgainzing

  • Mobile phone
  • 7” x 4 ½” makeup bag that includes lipstick, magnifying pocket mirror (don’t ask), sewing kit, nail clippers, small blush, highlighter, eyeliner maybe I’ll switch to a smaller cosmetic bag
  • Tissue and a couple of band aids – you never know when you might get a blister from a new pair of shoes.
  • Pen & Field Notes book
  • A few coupons keep the coupons in the car?
  • Hand lotion smaller size?
  • Gum maybe I don’t need this
  • Small tape measure
  • Travel sized pill box, filled with antacid, allergy and headache pills – I rarely use these items, but when you have a headache, you know how important they are.
  • Comb
  • Smallish wallet
  • Travel sized sunscreen maybe make sure the sunscreen is on before I leave the house?
  • Reading glasses / Sunglasses
  • Keys
  • Superfluous items ie. the dozen or so frequent buyer cards, promising deep discounts and the like. keep these in the car?

I weighed my purse and it’s 5 1/2 lbs.  Seriously?  Why am I carrying so much stuff.

So I received a bag like this a couple of years ago from my sweet daughter in law—in black.  I don’t think I can manage it for daily use, but I love carrying it to evening affairs.

Garden, Home and Party: organizing

I’m going to make it a goal, pare down the handbag, try really hard not to need some of the items I’m used to having on hand, and start shopping for something that will be more manageable—any excuse for a new purse!

Garden, Home and Party: orgainizing

What’s in your purse? ♥ Karen