We attended a beautiful wedding in Napa last September HERE and were lucky enough to be invited to another.  Who doesn’t love a wedding, especially in the wine country of California?  Warning, there are no pictures of the wedding/reception in this post.  I just couldn’t bring myself to take my camera to such a formal affair.   Once there, I realized it would have been perfectly fine since lots of folks had their cameras.

The mother of the groom did send me this image…the bride had arranged for her and her groom to sit on this loveseat during the dinner/toasts.  How romantic is this?!

Instead, I’ll share with you our road trip to Napa and some of the highlights of the incredible weekend.  First off, those who live in California probably know that the wine country can be pretty hot in July.  We lucked out…I’m convinced Mother Nature knew to comply with the lovely bride’s day!  It was a pleasant 72 degrees and never warmed more than 75 degrees during the entire weekend.

First stop…Bakesale Betty’s

We live in Southern California and the road trip, while not for everyone, happens to be fun for Hubby and me.  We love to stop in North Oakland (Temescal District, adjacent to Berkeley) to grab a favorite fried chicken sandwich from Bakesale Betty’s.  This quirky bakery only sells this sandwich and an array of baked goods that could add 10 pounds to anyone in a very short time.

The only sign for Bakesale Betty is the had written sign taped to the glass door.

This is even more delicious than it looks.  I think I could duplicate the slaw but the chicken is a challenge.

Alison Barakat, an Aussie, cooked at Chez Panisse Café for 3 years before meeting her husband and opening the bakery.  There is always a line for lunch and Alison has set up tables (ironing boards) around the entrance to the walk-in bakery for dining.

Next stop…4th Street, Berkeley

This is a wonderful diner and I have never been there when there wasn’t a wait…so worth it.  Oh, and just so you know, there is no ocean view!

We then hit 4th Street in Berkeley for a quick stroll up one side of the fabulous shopping/dining area and back down the other.

Mulholland Brothers have been making quality leather bags for years…I liked all of them but especially the 2 bags below…

On to Napa…

The rehearsal dinner was held at Silverado Vineyard.  I felt as though I was standing on the patio of a pensione in Italy.

The food, ambiance and wine (of course) were delicious and we enjoyed the evening.

On Saturday we decided to visit one of my favorite Napa Valley towns, St. Helena.  We started by enjoying an all-American breakfast at Gillwood’s Cafe.  We then walked the main street.  One of my favorite stores is Vintage Home.   I wish there was a location closer to Orange County.

Love the Hermes lamp, even if orange wouldn’t work in my home.

The wedding began at 3:00 PM at a historic Catholic church in St. Helena.  The church was dressed in beautiful white peonies and trees at the entrance, planted in zinc planter boxes, added beauty to the venue.  (Kate and William started something having trees at Westminster Abby, a really effective addition).  Bride, groom, groomsmen and bridesmaids all performed perfectly.

We were shuttled to the estate of Beaulieu Vineyard, the private home of the Beaulieu family heirs, where all of us were wowed by the formal gardens, European arbors, fountains and mature trees and vines.  I really wish I had taken my camera!  Anyway, the wedding was beyond lovely and fun.

Along this walk were places to take pictures to be put in a book for the bride and groom, there were stations offering appetizers and drinks.  By the way, the beverage offered as we disembarked the shuttle was a St. Germaine.  Elderberry liquor, vodka, club soda and a splash of grapefruit juice, refreshing and delicious.

This area was set up with long, black, wooden tables which bordered the perimeter of this garden.  On each of the tables, down the center, were glass/crystal footed pieces that floral arrangements were sitting on that consisted of white peonies, white hydrangea and white dahlias.

I’m afraid these Googled pictures don’t do the site justice but it was truly beautiful and I’ve since found several photographers that have photographed weddings at Beaulieu.  If you are planning a wedding this is a magical venue.

The following morning we were invited to Yountville Inn for breakfast.  Yountville Inn was recently remodeled and I think it is my new favorite place!  See for yourself.

This is the courtyard off the main lobby…so inviting.

The grounds of the Yountville Inn are filled with white, flowering plants…lots of hydrangea.

Love this fountain/sculpture.

All in all it was a magical weekend.  Truly memorable.  Thank you Jim and Glenys for including us.

Have you attended a wedding that will forever remain in your memory?