Okay, I know we’re well into summer, in fact the count-down has begun for fall!  That said, I think I have spring summer fever.  I’ve hit a wall with regard to any  creative ideas for new posts.  I was a little down about it until I read similar complaints from  2 other favorite bloggers.  They were taking a break and/or cutting back for a while on their posts.

One of my favorite blog sites, for the love of a house, is taking a break  due to “bloggers block”  and another favorite My French Country Home is cutting back to regain some balance in her busy life.  Sounds good to me.

The Steward


Slim Paley

The Steward

Since I’ve been blogging in earnest I’ve met many creative and generous blog friends and I’ve felt as though I finally have a way of being creative while working a 40 hour week as an executive assistant.  I enjoy my job but I love the joy of feathering my nest, keeping my garden (mostly) in order and entertaining family and friends.  My site gives me the opportunity to journal various creative projects related to home and hearth.

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So, for the rest of 2011 I will most probably post twice a week instead of my Monday, Wednesday, Friday current schedule and I’m giving myself a little vacation and will pick up this new schedule beginning September 8th.  Please don’t forget about me, I’ll miss you all!

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Have you ever had a lapse in your creativity?