I’ve never been much of a napper (not sure this is a word).  I believe this is because growing up I was always afraid I’d miss something, and I am pretty high energy.

As I’ve gotten older and life has gotten more hectic, I’ve gotten wiser and can now see the benefit of a little snooze when the mood strikes.  I don’t really like to lie on my bed when I want a nap, although I understand Winston Churchill often napped, and if he took one he believed you get in bed and under the covers!  {I wouldn’t want to mess up the bed mid-day, it’s a Type A thing}.

 I do love to “rest my eyes” in a comfortable chair, usually my library chair with ottoman after reading a bit late afternoon when the sun beams into that room.   I could see myself napping on one of these…

This may actually be a bedroom, which is really great if it is, but with the un-shuttered glass doors, I thought it looked more like a parlor.

Now this is so inviting, who could pass up the chance to relax and rest in this lovely white wicker?

via Coastal Living

via Coastal Living

Witth this view (above)  I’m not sure I could actually nap, more like watch the water and hope for a school of dolphins!

This is lovely, but not sure it’s conducive  to a truly, comfortable  nap, what do you think?

…again with the view, is it me?  No, it can’t be, the view is too wonderful, how could you sleep with this view?

and an all time favorite (below) I’m shown before…I could really enjoy time here, napping or reading or relaxing!

via Coastal Living

Can’t you imagine yourself curling up with a good book, some Camomile tea (confession:  I don’t care for Camomile tea, more of an Earl Gray gal myself) and allowing yourself to nod off if the urge hits you?

Happy Thursday, only 1 more day until the weekend!  Do you nap?