I debated even posting this, or anything for that matter.  But decided I owed it to my 10 loyal readers to fess up…I’ve lost my creativity.  I can’t find it.  I’ve contacted Holmes and Watson but he’s busy and really feels this is a case that is simply too boring for his skill set.  Great minds must be stimulated!

Garden, Home and Party, I need a detective


I mentioned the idea of quitting the blog business to one of my loyal readers (my sweet daughter in law, Sarah) and she reminded me that I said the exact same thing last year around this time.

The truth is, I’ve tried to alter my attitude towards summer and I’ve certainly had a fun one this year.  [Babysitting our 3 1/2 year old granddaughter for 8 days was a highlight]

Garden, Home and Party: I need a detective

Still, in my heart I really hate do not care for the heat of summer (I know its me, its not the season, its me).  I play a waiting game of tolerance until late October, early November, when signs of autumn arrive here in sunny, Southern California.

So without further whining…I’m taking a break.  Tack it on to the already 2 week break I’ve enjoyed and I’ll do my best to return sometime in September. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll return to read whatever I come up with.  I am still always fascinated by anything to do with home enhancement, and take great pleasure in reading so many of the great posts that appear in my mailbox almost daily.  In addition, I have grown quite fond of all of you…my virtual BFF’s.  🙂