First on my “Dream List ~ 2012” for our home is tackling the library, sometimes referred to as the reading room.

Those dear sweet blog-friends that follow me regularly may remember my repainting the room and giving it a mini-makeover HERE.  The upholstery work was on the list but the funds weren’t in the designated envelop! 🙂

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So, thanks to my “birthday group” girlfriends I’ve been given the fabric of choice for the small loveseat as well as the window seat.  Lyn (Hubby) has agreed the labor can be my January birthday gift, and since I’m not good with delayed gratification I hope to have the entire project finished by the end of January, wish me luck.


I don’t have images of the fabrics I’ve selected yet, so I thought I would give you all some library love from the images I’ve collected of book lined spaces in homes.  I must say, as I sat in my library yesterday visualizing the finished sofa and window seat, I could totally visualize ceiling to floor book cases in the room.  That’s not going to happen but it would be really pretty!


Michael Smith

House Beautiful

Pieter Estersohn

Jane Moore

If I installed a secret door it would lead to the garage, don’t think that would be too great.

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and the piece de resistance…

…an ‘authors’ wall…how cool is that? Wouldn’t that be a fun addition to a library?

And while we’re on the topic, did you get any good books this Christmas?  Do you have an ‘to do’ renovations on your list for 2012?