While visiting Kyle and Jamie in Austin this past November I was asked to assist with arranging and ultimately hanging a variety of frames to form a gallery of what would be pictures of our sweet, and first granddaughter.

This family gallery (Schuyler Samperton) is appealing with its predominantly black and white gallery and the contrasting lone pair of red baby shoes.

The arrangement of a series of like items is always distinctive…the doggie approves! (Allesandra Branca)

Clean lines and architectural prints (Veranda Magazine) give a tailored feel to this room.  I love the simplicity of this arrangement.

DIL thought it wise to determine the arrangement and hang them, knowing this would provide the added incentive to get the pictures sized, printed and in the frames…a clever bit of self-motivation I believe.

The mirror in this grouping reflects light and adds interest to the random sketches (Beth Webb, Atlanta)

This is clearly a store gallery, the use of the plates is a favorite accessory in a gallery (An Enchanted Home)

(An Enchanted Home)

K & J had done an excellent job of selecting frames that coordinated and complimented each other for their family gallery and the gallery was to hang in an area of their dining room that could have proven a challenge for any sizable art.  For me, that’s part of the beauty of a wall gallery, filling a difficult space with a few of my favorite things.

another view of the same shop…the symmetry of this gallery and it’s shelves, plates and art is especially effective.

A useful and creative way to fill a large wall…the silver frames adorning the antique botanical prints, as well as the more ornate, silver frames on the mirrors truly makes this room pop!

The wall bust and the convex mirror is so effective in this display.

We achieved a pleasing grouping and I would have taken a picture but the pictures weren’t in the frames by my visits end, the unveiling will have to wait for my next visit.

(Things that Inspire)

Meanwhile, it made me notice wall galleries in several files that I have and I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you.

A long otherwise boring hallway benefits from the art in ‘floating art frames’…

…same with the walls of a stair case…great place for a wall gallery, don’t you agree? (Lonny Magazine)

(Natasha Louise King)

(Natural Elements)

I have always loved the interest wall galleries add to any given space.

Is it just me, or does this corner gallery remind you of Hermes boxes with the burnt orange paint and black trim?

(Martha Stewart)

(Pasadena Design House)

(Velvet & Linen)

Do you have a favorite display of framed art in your home?  I’d love to hear from you.