I’ve been hooked on Top Chef/Texas.  This season they featured Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.  Since Kyle, Jamie and Olivia live in Austin, Lyn and I thought it would be fun to watch…it was!

The show is now down to the final 6 chefs but before they sent the 7th contestant/chef home the team had to cook for Charlize Theron who stars in the latest upcoming Snow White movie—Snow White and the Huntsman.  I love Charlize Theron and she apparently loves food.  The cooking team had to prepare courses that reflected what an evil witch might eat.  It was very entertaining and the food, while sometimes scary (black chicken with the foot left on) was, according to the judges, quite tasty.

And…Julia Roberts has a Snow White movie due to be released March 1st titled Mirror, Mirror.

So, {I knew there was a post idea in here somewhere} in honor of these movies due to be released March 1st and June 1st, respectively, here is your mirror, mirror on the wall(s).♥



House and Garden







Architectural Digest

Better Homes and Gardens



So, I wonder if Snow White would have mirrors all over her Fantasyland house or did her minion only speak to her from one?

I’m visiting Sherry at her Open House party today, stop by No Minimalist Here for a visit.