I am constantly impressed by the number of creative bloggers there are in blog-land.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since there are so many millions of bloggers, the odds are favorable that there would be huge number of talented people  in the pool.

Over the 3 years I’ve been blogging I have found that some of the earlier sites I used to follow have either dropped from the face of blog land, Under Spanish Moss, Atmosphere, or, as in the case of some of the DIY sites, I have been honest with myself and recognized that I will not do certain projects, even if I have the time.  Therefore I’ve dropped some of the do-it-yourself/craft sites from my “must read daily” list.  (there are only so many hours in a day)  I still visit them, but with minimal free time (I work full time), I’ll scan the posts from time to time instead of daily.

That said, there have been some new additions to my “favorites and/or must read” list and I thought I might introduce you, just in case you haven’t discovered them on your own!  I’ve added a couple to the “Recommended” column on my home page, as well as one that has been on the list for some time but is worth special mention.

I’ll begin with the newest blog (at least for me), Inspiring Interiors.  A friend of mine, Carol, recommended this site.  Carol is a designer with fabulous taste and I happen to love her work, so when she suggested I have a look at Inspiring Interiors, I immediately put my mouse to work and knocked on the proverbial blog site  door.

Kifus has been blogging since 2007, but her archives suggests that she may have started in earnest in 2009.  This is my story where blogging is concerned, so I can relate.  Her site has taken me to more countries than I could ever hope to visit, and the best part…we get to visit homes in these countries and cities.  I’ve visited Australia, Brittany, Aix en Provence, Sardinia, Italy, and Vermont (in the U.S.), to name a few.

Kifus shared a bit of her story with me…”I was born in Argentina and lived there until 7 years ago when we moved to Brazil. We lived for six years in Brazil and now we have moved to Peru. We have been in Peru for exactly one year now. This is all because of my hubby’s job that takes us around”.  What a great way to see the world and clearly, her readers benefit from her research because she not only shows us the exterior of so many wonderful homes, she gives us a personal tour of each room.  It’s been fun for me to see how similar the decor can be in homes half way around the globe from the West Coast of U.S.A (California) where I live.  Here is a small sampling of what you can expect to see daily at Inspiring Interiors
Lake front house in Vermont ~ Inspiring Interiors
Dining room of Vermont house ~ Inspiring Interiors
Kifus shows pictures of the details we all enjoy seeing from a house we’ve never actually visited, like the formal garden below.
Oh yes, I would take this house (below) in Aix en Provence any day.
Aix en Provence ~ Inspiring Interiors
Sardinia, Italy ~ Inspiring Interiors
See what I mean about great details.  This is such a pretty room.
Brittany ~ Inspiring Interiors
Brittany ~ Inspiring Interiors
If you’ve never visited Inspiring Interiors and you love houses, large and small, take a few minutes to stop by, I know you’ll have fun.

Next on my roster of introductions is Providence Ltd. Design.  A talented sister team…Mona and Talena have a design business and a store.  The pair infuse their site with so many great ideas and inspiration I have to write some of them down or I’d forget.  The “sisters” are business partners and best friends and lean towards traditional design but they keep the rooms fresh, using modern fabrics alongside timeless classics.
I believe the antique French documents are sold from their store ~ Providence Ltd. Design
I can always count on a great topic and wonderful images to accompany the posts at Providence Ltd. Design.  This garden, below, served as a boost to my determination to work on my knot garden this year.
On Sunday their site features “Sunday Supper” complete with a delicious recipe and a beautiful table setting to inspire you.  Some of their meals are very simple (I love simple) and sometimes they are more involved (it’s nice to have a few of those menus up your sleeve, as well).
Simple, delicious pizza ~ Providence Ltd. Design
…need somewhere to enjoy this delicious pizza on a Sunday evening?…
There is something so appealing about outdoor dining or just a great place to relax.  The fireplace and lantern make this space swoon-worthy, don’t you agree?
Sometimes just a few images on styling a collection or creating an eye catching vignette can be what you need to update a shelf or cupboard, you can count on this site to show you all that and more.
Providence Ltd. Design
Providence Ltd. Design
I think you’ll have fun at Providence Ltd. Design and I know you’d feel welcome while perusing the lovely rooms and interests.
Providence Ltd. Design

Last but not least, I can’t even remember how I discovered Content in a Cottage but I have probably gotten more enjoyment from Rosemary’s brief but constant inspiring and entertaining posts.  Her unique eye for images always amazes me  and she usually only posts one picture and a brief paragraph but both tend to stay with me all day.  She usually posts about 3 of these one picture/one paragraph musings each day.

Content in a Cottage

As her blog name suggests, Rosemary lives in a charming cottage in Chatham, New Jersey.  From what I gather she is in Real Estate and sometimes that provides her with sources for a lovely home, garden, field or horse or doggie for us to meet.  Rosemary’s own doggie is a favorite blogland pet that I always enjoy hearing about…he is very sweet and his pictures always have me smiling!  Meet Webster, King of Content in a Cottage

I can count on finding some unique room design when I visit Content in a Cottage…wouldn’t this be the best bathroom?  You couldn’t help but smile when you walk in to brush your teeth each morning!

Content in a Cottage

As a fan of cottages, I can always count on Rosemary to come through…

Content in a Cottage

You’ll also see plenty of spacious abodes…

Content in a Cottage

Content in a Cottage

So, rally the horses and hounds and stop by for a visit to Content in a Cottage  if you have a moment.

Content in a Cottage

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting my new blog friends and wish you happy touring!