We have a 3-bedroom home.  When our boys were young they each had their own room.  Once they were grown and gone we converted the smaller of the bedrooms into a study/office.  There is a comfortable leather reading chair and side table.  We converted the clothes closet into a desk area and there is a second desk in our built in. This has been great for our empty nest and for Hubby and my computer work.

Karen’s desk area (above)…when can we expect wireless everything?

Hubby’s desk area (below)…since Hubby works from home he has more of everything.

The guest room is comfortably equipped with a queen sized bed and ample closet space for visiting guests [read :: son #1 and DIL, with our granddaughter].  Olivia is still small and has been quite happy to sleep in the pack and play we were given but we know the day will come when Olivia (and her mommy and daddy) will want her to have a bed to sleep in, preferably in a separate room.

Below is the wall we could fit a daybed…the chair would be moved but the wall is relatively furniture free.

So…I’ve been looking at day beds.  And since I love you guys and your valuable input, I’m sharing some of what I’ve seen and hope you will offer some opinion on this topic.

The bed below looks like it could be an antique.  This holds great appeal for me.  I could see passing an antique down to someone later for future generations.  I tend to romanticize the spin on just about everything.

la Brocanteuse

The blue bed is sweet and looks like it would make a little person feel safe with the side detail.  It also looks like it might be a little shorter than most twin beds, which would be a bonus in our room with its limited space.


I like the looks of an iron bed, I’ve seen a few varieties that seem sweet and might take up less visual space since the iron is less bulky in feel than a wood bed.

The Paper MullberryThe Paper Mullberry

This bed is lovely but I believe it wouldn’t fit in the space.

Ivy Clad

Ivy Clad

Charles Faudree has the best ideas (below)!  If space permitted I’d go for book cases, one either end of the day bed.

Simple but efficient.

The bed below almost looks like a closet…very nice.

Ivy Clad

This would be the ideal “grandma and grandpa” guest arrangement for visiting children…

Inspiring Interiors

It would be nice if the daybed did double duty and provided sofa seating when needed.

Photo by William Waldron

Or maybe we could screen the patio and let the wee ones sleep outside!  Just kidding, but isn’t this a great set up (below)

the adventures of tartanscot

What do you think?  Do any of you have daybeds in your home, any recommendations?  I love hearing your ideas.  xo, Karen