As I’ve mentioned once or twice (or incessantly), I gravitate towards the color blue.  Not just in accessories for the home but in other formats as well, such as…






So I have the summer blues and thought I’d share some of what I’ve found while visiting, and admiring some of the many talented bloggers out there…oh, and I was visiting blogs around the world in hopes of becoming inspired for a topic for a post of my own.  {Is it just me or has summer given you the felling you’d rather be reading on the porch, with a glass of something and not a care in the world than doing anything remotely tied to thinking?}

Back to the topic at hand.  I have embarked on the blue and white thing, all in moderation. {I know, I’m a little late to this party}  But it seems that I see all manner of wonderful blue and sometimes blue and white items of interest, along with some pretty great rooms.

I love the bold blue on this house (below) but I’m certain our Homeowner Association wouldn’t  allow it.  I also really like the detailing around the windows.


The blue shutter caught my eye, but there isn’t much I don’t absolutely love about this house/hotel entrance(?)


I like the overall neutral feel to this room, just the blue pillows to give it the touch of blue and white.

photo by Adam Butler

Such a clean (for now, see the doggies?) look, plenty of fresh white with hints of blue.  So pretty.

Better Homes and Gardens

I’m always drawn to blue and white plates in a grouping…

Ginger Barber Designs

~ or ~

in an antique store.

Scott Meacham Wood and more…


Its the subtle use of blue and most appeals to me.

Love French Bulldogs – tumblr

I love the ceiling in this image, as well as the Shaw farm sink.  The blue, white and hint of green in the curtains really make the room alive with interest, don’t you think?

Tiffany Eastman Design

Last but not least, signs and other random containers in blue and white can catch my attention…

Does blue and white figure into your home?  Do you have a favorite color?