I have always been a  sucker for appreciated pretty packaging.  I have learned, sometimes the hard way, that the item within isn’t always all that I had hoped for but I am drawn to items that are well packaged.

The inspiration for this post came by way of one of my favorite sites,  Heather Bullard ⁄ Lifestyle, in her recent post about some small, wooden boxes she found at Target in their dollar bins.  (Sorry I missed these).  She did an amazing job photographing the boxes filled with eggs from her hens.  I was taken by the beautiful photography (always) but it struck me that something as simple as eggs could look so appealing.  Note:  Heather and her team publish Souvenir magazine.  It’s filled with great ideas.

Heather Bullard 2.26.13Souvenir magazineThat got me thinking about some of the creative packaging you stumble upon while perusing the internet.  Jenny Steffens Hobick, a talented cook hosts an entertaining blog site, created this box of homemade cookies and other goodies.  By placing them in cello bags with pink ribbon and polka dot tissue, the contents look like they could have been packaged by a high-end specialty boutique.  Anyone would be pleased with this sweet package.

jenny steffens hobick 2.14.13Another example of something as simple as a red/purple onion, made to look like art.  I realize none of us would wrap our onions in antique pages from a book or newspaper before use, but you can see how pretty they look. {Helena Bernard Photography via tumblr Love French Bulldogs}

love french bulldogs tumblr Who doesn’t love a French baguette?   This display conveys to me that these are fresh-out-of-the-oven and I can nearly taste the fresh creamery butter and melt-in-your-mouth flavor of a baguette. {source}

tumblr baguettes lookiing for rainbows n the moonlight{source}

Even these little individual pies are tempting, I might want the entire crate of hand pies!

tumblr looking for rainbows in the mirror{source}

Note to self, make some of this vinegar for possible hostess gifts during raspberry season.

Isn’t this bottle with the pop lid stopper cute?

tumblr looking for rainbows in the moonlight1{source}

Don’t you wonder what is within the delicate wrapping of the lace doilies?

tumblr heart french bull{source}

Just in time for Easter, I believe these Mod Podge eggs could be created using the plastic, open-able eggs you can find everywhere right now.  Throw some M&M’s in these and I’m in happyland.

tumblr love french bulldog packaging{source}

The oak barrels used to age wine have always been a favorite, they are usually French oak and I do enjoy a glass of the contents from time to time.

tumblr wine barrels looking for rainbows in the moonlight{source}

Are you drawn to attractive packaging? 

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