I have had a walk-in pantry and a walk-in closet, once in my life, not in the same place.  I would say that besides a breakfast room, a walk in closet is second on my dream house wish list.  Would it be greedy to wish for a walk-in closet, walk-in pantry and a breakfast room? {As a very good friend used to say, “If you’re going to dream, dream big!”}

So while perusing the ultimate resource for stimulating ideas, Pinterest, I re-pinned a few and thought I share those that had me at the door to their splendor…

I might as well start with the most elaborate of the lot…I’m not sure I have that many pairs of shoes but it would be so nice to see all of your shoe choices with one glance.

black-closet-432x500 via pinterestI would definitely want a chest of drawers in the walk in closet…

2-closet reasons to breathe via design chic{Design Chic}

This is small but I like the quasi vanity at the back of the closet.

3-walk in closet via dream-house - pinterest{Dream House via Pinterest}

Lighting would be crucial, I love the idea of the glass doors keeping things orderly.

4-walk in closet via pinterst via home is where the kelli czakowski{Pinterest}

I know this is a man’s closet, but I like the layout and it would be nice to have my favorite design books at my fingertips.

5-closet 8 via design chic{Design Chic}

A jewelry drawer would be fabulous!

6-drawer for walk in closet, bhg{Better Homes and Gardens}

and finally, to decorate any blank wall in your walk-in closet you could do this…note:  I think I have a Tiffany Bag hanging around, I’d have to ask Chanel and Hermes for a bag! lol

7-walk in closet ideas via If I were a sim with en sarah mcgregor{Pinterest}

There is equal interest in a walk-in pantry for my kitchen, again, it doesn’t have to be huge, but boy, would it be nice…

I love the way this door looks like cabinetry in the kitchen but serves as the door to the walk-in pantry!

8-better homes and gdns.  walk in pantry{Better Homes and Gardens}

A pantry behind a sliding door is very cool, it looks like the ‘fridge is in the pantry, not sure about that feature, wouldn’t that be inconvenient?  Maybe its the back-up refrigerator.

9-organization amy vermillion blog design chic 1.1.13{Design Chic}

This is something we didn’t add when we remodeled our kitchen, and I realize it’s a little off topic as far as walk-in pantries go, but maybe you can imagine this drawer would be located inside a walk-in pantry…10-organization greige via design chic 1.1.13{Griege}

Again, sliding doors, and as you can see this walk-in pantry doesn’t take much space…maybe if we add the breakfast room we can incorporate a space like this.


I’m not sure you can see it well in this image, but there’s a really great door on this pantry with leaded glass.  The pantry is waiting for me to load it with all my stuff.

12-walk in pantry, pinterest{Pinterest}

This one is so well accessorized, it almost looks like a small butler’s pantry.

13-walk in pantry, pinterest 1{Pinterest}

Maybe if I had a bank of cupboards like this I wouldn’t need a walk-in pantry, although there would have to be solid doors, my pantry never seems view-worthy!

14-organization peter callahan caterer design chic 1.13.13{Design Chic}

Do you have a walk-in closet and/or pantry?  Do you consider it one of the major benefits of your home?  [I think I know the answer to that last question, but I’d still love to hear from you]. ♥

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