When we moved into our 1968 tract house 31 years ago, my vision for replacement of the aluminum sliding windows and doors was FRENCH, MULTI-PANE AND WOOD.   I set about having these installed with a clarity of purpose and determination. I believe it took us close to 10 years to trade out all of the aluminum windows and sliding glass doors that had been installed by the builder.

Garden, Home and PartyThis picture was taken last summer when Olivia was visiting (child latches in place)…you can see the French doors off the atrium, and Winnie~keeping an eye on things.

At the time, in Southern California, screens were out of favor.  Back in the day, if you were going to install French doors,  the trend was to skip the screens.  As a young wife I followed the trend, and probably still do to some small extent.  Another preference/trend was to paint the French windows and doors in a high gloss enamel in some shade of white.  Guilty as charged.  We love(d) the look, and I still lean toward the fresh appeal of some form of white paint on windows and doors.  That is until I started seeing dark trim (black) on windows and doors.

I know that in some cases the dark mullions you see in pictures are actually steel doors, another new-to-me trend.  I have seen steel doors in a couple of homes and absolutely would have them installed without delay if it wouldn’t be certain to cause divorce in my otherwise great marriage.

So, typical of me and my daydreams where my house is concerned, I compiled a group of images of dark painted (or steel) doors and windows, that I think of as swoon-worthy.  I hope you enjoy!

Dark Trim ~ Garden, Home and PartyDark Trim ~ GHP{source}

GHP Dark TrimGarden, Home and Party Dark Trim{Traditional Home}

GHP Dark Trim{Design Chic}

Garden, Home and Party{Haus Design}

Garden, Home and Party{Marianne Simon}

Garden Home and PartyGarden, Home and PartyGHPGHPGarden, Home and PartyGarden, Home and PartyI’d love to be able to tell you that this final image is a reflection of my widow on a rainy day!

Do  you like this look, do you have it in your home?  Would you installed steel windows in any part of your home? 

{Oh, and on the screen issue, I wish I had screens on every door, I do have them on all of the windows and we have installed an invisible screen on the French door going out to the back yard}