French Lace Rose

A dear friend recently called me to get my suggestions on where she might find a great wallpaper selection to replace the not so old wallpaper in her master bedroom. I commented on how much I liked her existing wallpaper. It turns out that the wallpaper had begun to lift and separate at the seams and that this problem was something my friend wasn’t sure could be repaired. With a little internet homework, I found a “how to” posting on reparing wallpaper. Should this be a problem for you here are the simple, but effective, methods we used with great success. First fill a bucket or basin with very warm water. With a 6-8″ sponge, dampen the seams using the warm water. Then with a plastic spackle knife, apply wallpaper paste to the undersides of the lifted seams; sponge off excess paste with a well-wrung out sponge smoothing the seam until it meets and is flat to the wall. We used wallpaper paste from a paint store designed to apply wallpaper borders. The directions from the internet indicated that this type of paste tended to have a stronger adhesive in it. Our project didn’t take very long and the wallpaper looked as good as the day it was first installed. I hope this will be of some assistance to any of you that might encounter this problem.