As I prepare to build an ark for the next downpour, forecast for Tuesday, my husband suggested that instead of visiting the lumber yard I should visit the grocery store instead.  Since I’m not very good with the whole ‘measure twice, cut once’ thing I decided to divert my attention to ‘building’ a great, soul warming soup.  And to be truthful, I had wanted to prepare the well-known Italian Wedding Soup for some time.

I have read 2 recipes for the soup, both of which sound delicious.  The Barefoot Contessa (Ian Garten) has a recipe in her recent Back to Basics cookbook and Pioneer Woman had a similar version posted this past week on her website.  I’m certain the internet has lots more versions of this soup.  It’s a little more involved than some soup recipes because, as the name implies, weddings are important events and so there should be no ‘time expense’ too great to prepare for them (weddings and food served).  The soup has bite- sized meatballs that you must prepare in advance.  Believe me, its worth every step the recipe asks for.

I hope you are staying dry/warm this winter.