When spring arrives, even if the weather can’t make up its mind, I like to do a few things around our house to lighten the “winter cottage” look that my home normally exhibits.  I often use my nesting magazines to assist me with ideas.  This particular Cape Cod home featured in Veranda inspired me.

No, I won’t be suddenly changing the paint color (we have a red family room) or fabrics but I did add a few more live house plants to brighten the room.  Flowers would do this as well but that can become pricey.  If you have some blooming plants in the yard you can create lovely bouquets using shrub branches and get away with very few flowers.  If that’s too much work, a couple of English ivy will freshen a room.

I take the time to put away my winter throws and change out the coffee table books to reflect the time of year—Charlotte Moss, “Winter House” goes up on the shelf and Carolyn Roehm, “Passion for Parties” comes out to sit on the coffee table.

I have a few metal sparrows that I like to use decoratively this time of year and birds nests truly make me think of spring.

I found an Ivy wreath at a craft store and that has become my spring/summer wreath for my front door.  I keep it simple but you could add some flowers and ribbon to this to wreath for the season.

Ivy Wreath

Making a few changes around the home is just what we all need to get spring in full swing.

What changes around your home do you make seasonally?

Spring is here!