I don’t think I’m alone in the pleasure I get from putting all of the lovely Christmas decorations away.  Don’t get me wrong, I delight in decorating for Christmas but I love the clean palate I have to work with once it’s all retired to its respective storage spot in the garage.

Some of my design accessories (knick-knacks) go back on the same table top but there are a few surfaces that always challenge me and therefore I ponder a new vignette.

An example of this is the kitchen counter.  We have a long counter that I believe needs a little “arrangement” to break up the vast space (vast for me, anyway).  In the past I’ve arranged plants, a cookbook stand, an antique scale and assorted accoutrement, but always seem to be just slightly dissatisfied—as though there’s something missing with the arrangement.

NOTE:  I’m having a little technical difficulty with WordPress—my photos and text seems to move around after I’ve saved the update, does this happen to anyone else?

This is what I came up with this month…

The plant was a gift—it’s in a little wooden box that resembles a library file drawer.  The barley twist candlestick was one I purchased at an antique store years ago—it was very affordable ($25) in part because it was missing it’s partner.  The bronze flower man was a gift from a dear friend.

I’m happy with it for now.  Hubby commented with a positive remark (without being asked) so that’s an endorsement, of sorts.

Have you taken down Christmas?  Do you ever wonder how to fill in the blanks after the holiday?