As a Southern California girl, born and raised, I accept that “seasons”, in the traditional sense of the word, don’t exist for our neck of the woods.

So, as a flexible person who accepts and adapts, I delight in the little changes—longer days in the spring/summer; cooler nights in the late fall and winter.  I’m giddy when it rains and the temps dip into the forties at night during the winter months and I literally dance during the foggy mornings that clear to cool and somewhat crisp days of early spring.


That said, winter is a favorite.  I’ve always identified with Rhoda Morgenstern’s sentiment (Mary Tyler Moore Show), “I moved to Minneapolis from Brooklyn, it’s colder, I figured I’d keep better”.  I love fall/winter clothes; turtlenecks, scarves, wool jackets/blazers and warm boots.

Winter 2011/2012 has been fairly warm and dry.  We had a little smattering of rain recently, but not enough to be overly excited.  I confess, I’m a little bit bummed.


So, I’ve been losing myself in my files of images of warm, cozy room, fire ablaze, thoughts of a good book and frost on the window pane (which never happens here anyway, but I have an active imagination!).

Pamela Pierce Designs


House Beautiful


For those of you in colder climates I wish you a warm fireplace and plenty of hot cocoa.  For those of you who enjoy warm weather and wonder why I’m whining, I’m sorry.  Happy Winter!

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