My husband and I are in Austin visiting son #1 and his lovely wife—I’ll post about Austin upon my return.  Here is a post on the fragrance of home.

To scent or not to scent.  That became the question when, quite by accident, I discovered that one of our friends is allergic to scented candles, soaps and perfumes.

Nothing sets the mood at a dinner quite like candles

We have had this couple in our home for dinner many times and there has never been any comment regarding the candles that I traditionally light while entertaining.  I respect his allergies so I will light only unscented candles for the upcoming dinner party.  I had to purchase them special since I only have scented ones.  Probably a good thing to have on hand in case this comes up again with other guests.

Flowers can sometimes trigger allergies

I do love the scented candles by Votivo (Red Currant is a favorite) and Aromatique (Sorbet is very fresh smelling).  I tend to select spicy fragrances for the fall/winter months and citrus/fresh for the spring and summer.

Do you enjoy a scented home?  What are some of your favorite candle makers/scents?