When I heard the news that the State of Maryland, and a few other eastern states were without power for a prolonged period of time due to that destructive wind storm they experienced late last month I immediately thought about how difficult it must be to be without electricity for days on end.

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We used to have power outages with some regularity, turns out the transformer (I believe that is what the underground thing is called) was ancient and once Edison replaced it we rarely had power outages again.

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Each time the power went out I would wonder how Jane Austen and her family were able to handle dining, reading and living by candlelight night after night. (I know, there are plenty of other worthy characters, real and imagined, but Pride and Prejudice, Emma and Sense and Sensibility are three of my favorite period books/films).

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I enjoy candlelight as much as the next romantic but when you’re forced to be without conveniences we’ve all come to take for granted, it’s a slightly different story.

Yes, there is a reason for this rambling…here are some of my favorite lamps/lighting fixtures.  The lanterns, which I happen to be partial to, always remind me that this could be an example of what people used before electricity, probably not, but they seem timeless and a convenient way to carry light from one room to another, if you didn’t have electricity and they weren’t actually wired to your ceiling.    Although in the period movies most lighting appears to be simple candle holders or candelabras.

and yes, I realize this rambling introduction was a stretch in getting to the real story here…

So have a look, some of the images are just really wonderful lamps I wouldn’t mind having but they all add so much to a room…

The lamp below is the right mix of classic and clean for me, the table is pretty fabulous as well.

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I like the idea of a chandelier that actually resembles an old-world iron, candle lit lighting fixture (below).

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The lanterns above are wonderful examples of a light fixture that could pull double duty, indoors or out.

I love the room (above) for the lantern, chair, sconces, window (which you can barely see) and the little paintings on the wall.  The chair originally drew me in but there are so many pretty elements in this room.

This table (above) is an old door!  The lamp is a soft green that picks up the color of the old box below the table as well as the painted floors.  So pretty.

The hallway wall sconces are such a clever way to light this space.  In addition, I really wish I could see more of the map hanging opposite.  And doesn’t that look like a chandelier on the floor at the end of the hall?

Haus Design recently shared this image, the antler chandelier is nice looking, I’m assuming it’s a light fixture but bulbs are well disguised.

Another Haus Design image…This looks to be a hallway, the wall sconces on either side of the shutter is pretty.  I like the table too, it’s great for tight spaces.

Matthew Sapera

I like the hall above for the sconce and the wood paneling.  Very pretty.

Great kitchen lighting over the island.

I want these doors, aren’t they beautiful.  So French.


Last but not least, so many details in one space.  Wonderful!


Do you ever have power outages?  I hope not.  The loss of food and all that goes with being without power for a prolonged period of time would be challenging.   Hope you are having a pleasant summer.

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