I’ve talked about the ease of growing your own herbs before .  If you like to cook and/or just like the look of herbs (there are some really pretty herbs available in the nursery and home improvement garden centers) then you should plant now for a summer full of fragrant and delicious parsley, basil, thyme, mint, chives and rosemary, to name a few.

Most herbs get along nicely with the flowers and shrubs growing in the garden.

My friend Carla gave me a wine crate the other day—her friend had gotten them from someone.  Anyway, she suggested I plant herbs in it and since she is an extraordinary gardener, I listened.

I planted this with chives, parsley, basil and strawberries, what a combo!

I put some strawberry plants in for good measure—they looked so cute in the nursery!  They may take over the box but maybe the bonus will be some yummy strawberries to eat!

Maybe I should plant some herbs in the 'secret garden'?

To plant the herbs in this wooden box I lined the bottom of the box with a single layer of cheesecloth (I don’t even think this is necessary but I didn’t want the soil to seep out of the bottom).  The I threw in some Kellogg’s Patio Blend soil—this is a nice loamy soil that works well for container gardening.  Easy, peasy.

You can grow herbs in the ground but if you don’t have a sunny location in the garden you can easily grow herbs in containers and spot them werever your yard gets full sun (at least 6 hours of sunlight a day).

Curly parsley---I usually plant both curly and flat leaf---I like the flavor of both.

If you live in a castle like this you can just have your staff plant herbs for you! 🙂

Chateau Villandry---pretty nice herb garden, it would supply herbs to all free countries, don't you think?