I love old pottery, heck, I even love new pottery!  There is something so wonderful about transfer ware and the older the better.  I have several pieces of red transfer ware plates and have a few of them hung in my kitchen.

My antique plates over the kitchen bay window.

Some of the smaller plates I use in place of coasters on nightstands and occasional tables.  They are both decorative as well as functional.

I love the black and white plates nearly covering this wall to the left of the cupboard in this picture.

I have seen some fabulous plate hangings on some of my favorite blog sites.  I especially like the English ironstone (and would be happy with pottery that provides the look even if it wasn’t the real deal), but I’m struggling with whether I can use it anywhere in my house besides where I have it now.

Photo via Veranda - Plates on a ledge, very charming.

I realize this is a plate rack but I love the plates.

As you know I have a small cottage (that is the romantic name for it!) and I’ve got most of the walls filled.  There is one spot where a framed pictures hangs that I believe plates in its place would work.  I’m a little tired of the picture (do you ever get tired of something that is still pretty, you’re just tired of it?).  The challenge will be acquiring the plates.

My family room---a set of antique Royal Dalton plates above the French doors to the back yard.

I realize these plates aren't all ironstone, I couldn't find the image I'd seen of the all white/ironstone plates but you get the jest of what I'm after, right?

The picture between the lamps on the sideboard could be replaced with a collection of English ironstone or something like this...

Some of the bloggers I enjoy reading seem to live in areas rich in garages/tag sales and thrift stores.  I’ll have to search a little harder to find some English ironstone or a similar facsimile.

Photo via Traditional Home - Plates above the stove, love it!

Where do you find ironstone or old pottery?  If you ahve a few places up your sleeve that are in Southern California I’d love to hear about them.