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Most of my adult life and certainly after my first visit to England in 1985 I began to think of the U.K. as ‘home’ away from home.  I absolutely fell in love with all things British and have returned 3 times since the initial vacation.

I visited this charming cottage in Chipping Campden and yes, it's as lovely as the picture.

I love the weather—okay, I know I haven’t actually lived in it for any prolonged period of time and might (as some suggest) grow tired of all the gray days.  I don’t think so.  I am so much more comfortable in cool weather than I am in warm so I believe I’d love the fact that most of the year you really need a sweater.

Since I have a passion for gardening I am sure I’d enjoy growing some of the amazing plants that thrive in England’s climate.

It seems that there are beautiful flowers in the front yards as well as the back.

One huge bonus would be that I could grow peonies—which I can’t do in Southern California (not enough cold weather).

There are plans available online for those interested in building their own English cottage.

Isn’t this pretty?  Yep, I think I could live in England…if only I could talk all of my friends and family into moving there with me.

This is a typical village scene.

Happy Friday!  Do you ever believe you love something/somewhere so much, you must have been a resident in a former life?