Not too many months ago I read at the great site,  Things that Inspire about her virtual house for 2010.  I thought this was a great idea and decided I would give some serious thought as to what I’d include in my own “Dream Home”.

Yep, I could love this house!

After months of thinking about it I realize it’s harder to accomplish than I would have thought.  I’ve always maintained that the only thing keeping me from my dream home was $$$, and that is partly true.  But when it came right down to playing the game with myself that says, “Okay, money is not an issue!  What would you do?  What would you change?” it nearly froze me in my tracks.

This would make an excellent "extra" bedroom in our house.

For starters I’ve always wanted just a little more space in each of the rooms.  Our tract house was built in 1968 and the rooms are small to average in size.

It would fun to have just a little more room in our family room.

I’d love to figure out where I could add a walk-in pantry for the kitchen…

Just think how organized I could be with this much space for pantry items, I'd loose the ladder and have a really cool leaning ladder (like you see in libraries).

…and a walk-in closet for me!

I'd have this filled in no time.

I would love an extra bedroom and bathroom and I would definitely LOVE a breakfast nook.  Right now we have bar stools in the kitchen and that works, however if I could have a ceiling to floor windowed room that looks into the backyard, with room for a kitchen table and chairs.

This is so beautiful---I could stay in my jammies all day in this breakfast room.

I’d also like a little outdoor studio (code for a getaway space) complete with comfy chairs and a place to set your cup of tea.

This would be amazing!

However, I’d even be thrilled with the little shed that Lauren Liess posted on her website Pure Style!

This is charming!

I’d like a view but I really like where my house is located and I love our neighbors, so maybe I’d give that (view) up.

Who wouldn't enjoy a view of a lake or some other body of water?

I would like a bigger patio that could accommodate a table and chairs for dining but also include space for an outdoor living room.

Who wouldn't be comfortable in this lovely space.

Before you decide what a shallow person I must be, know that I love my little cottage and am very content—this was just an exercise in dreaming in case we hit the lottery—wait, we don’t buy lottery tickets, this could be a problem!

What would your dream house look like?  Maybe you already live in it!  Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

Pictures via Traditional Home magazine.