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It seems that no matter where you live there is something in the air around the first part of September—it’s that back-to-school, fall rush of energy that affects so many of us.  Like spring’s “new beginnings” I believe it’s safe to say that for many, fall is just as bracing.

School days have been gone from my radar, aside from the traffic jam near University High on my way to work, for 5 years (when Son #2 graduated from college).  Still, my internal clock reminds me that it’s that time of year when the excitement surrounding buying school clothes and supplies hits me, as if I were headed to the classroom.

They had me at "Preppy" --- disclosure: I've been a preppy since they came up with the term.

Russel+Hazel has some unique school/office supplies.

I’m clearly not the only blogger that has been bitten by the bug.  paper{whites} had a great post on school supplies, as did Content in a Cottage.

Knock-Knock has some fun stamps—maybe more for adults than back-to-school kids 🙂 

Knock-Knock is worth a visit.

Reading fellow bloggers musings prompted me to do a Google search of unique office supplies.  In addition to the outstanding See Jane Work site I found a couple of others (listed above)  that could be dangerous to the stationary/organizing/office geek.

3-ring binders have come a long way!

Have fun and I hope you are ready for class (code for gearing up for fall) to begin.