What is it about stone walls in a room that conjures up coziness?  I love the ‘look’ and have often wished I could live in a stone cottage or at the very least, have a stone wall in my home.

I found this stone cottage on the wonderful Brabourne Farm site.

I love the plate rack and pewter with stone as a backdrop. Image via Country Living

Stone can add to any decor, French, Italian or Western. Image via Country Living

A few years ago hubby and I added some stack stone to the front of our house.  You may have noticed that I’ve never included pictures of the front of my house.  The reason is that the 1968 architectural style (or lack thereof) is not my idea of what a cottage should look like.  I guess I fancy our smallish home to be a cottage and the exterior architectural lines of our house doesn’t comply.

A stone wall creates such a cozy ambiance, don't you think?

Just imagine how great blue/gray painted furniture would look up against a stone wall! Image via Country Living

I used to dream that one day I’d add a pitch to the roof on the left side (we have a flat roof on one side of the house) and dormers to the steep pitch that extends over the garage on the right side of the house.  That never happened so when I see photographs of stone rooms I immediately slip into ‘dream land’ and imagine a stone cottage in the Cotswold’s or Irvine, I’m not that particular!

Talk about "visualization tactics" ...I can see myself reading a book by the fire in this stone walled room! Image via Country Living

Do you dream of a cottage in the Cotswold’s?

Images via Brabourne Farm