Making the most of where you live is something I’ve never had trouble doing—maybe it’s the Nester in me (or the optimist).  I have enjoyed each and every place I’ve lived, but this became especially true once I was able to do what I wanted in the way of decorating.  My first apartment was a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom place on Alamitos Bay in Long Beach.  I shared the apartment with 3 other girlfriends who happen to work at Disneyland with me.  This only whetted my appetite for decorating my living space.

I soon moved into a 1 bedroom place on my own—it’s an only child thing.  One of my best friends, Linda, shared my love of creating a comfortable living space and we used to shop weekly for decorative accessories and items that might make a future first kitchen as a married lady (trousseau).

This was one of the first pans I bought and it has lasted me 37 years.

I must have been a child bride!

This is one of the items we used to shop for when my girlfriend and I were anticipating owning our own kitchens one day.

Having lived in my current house these past 28 years (which have flown by) I marvel that I can still think of things I’d like to do to the house but most importantly, I still love where we live.

Part of the reason I’m happy here is the neighborhood itself.  For a tract of houses the surrounding area has lots of rural charm.  There are plenty of sidewalks to exercise on (walk or jog) and bike trails but there are also some walking trails—Madison, our terrier mix, loves this route best.

Madison is telling me it's time for our weekend walk with Debbie and Jane.

Does she look impatient? Yep!

We have this little stream that runs through a community park---I've been told it's runoff from a neighborhood reservoir

I wonder who carved this chair from a tree stump.

We have fun getting our exercise in this community and I’m thankful I can make time stop to smell the great outdoors once in awhile.

I hope your life allows you time to get out and walk around the neighborhood, smell the roses or sage brush, as the case may be.  What do you like about where you live?