The world of blogging has taken me to some amazing sites where talented and enthusiastic folks write (blog) about home, garden and entertaining.  I find it almost overwhelming (in a good way) at the number of creative individuals living in our world, and there are hundreds more that don’t even use a computer!

I recently visited one of my favorite blog sites, Trouvais, and marveled at the beautiful magazine photographs she posted on this particular day—her question was “who do you think lives in this house?” and the home in question was grand, by my standards.  I say that because I’m aware that there are people who participate in blogland that might in fact believe the house was no different than their own homes or that of their neighbors.

Vogue Living Australia


images via Trouvais via Vogue Living-Australia

As I scrolled down and took in the beautiful details of each room I thought to myself, well this is probably a U.S. East Coast “country manor house” where a) a successful businessman and his lovely wife live or b) a 5th generation blue blood and his lovely wife live.  In my fantasy they are always happily married!

So when Trouvais revealed who owned the house,  Gael & Francesco Boglione the name meant nothing to me.   There was a link to their business and I was still in the dark (for a second) because I first saw that the Petersham Nursery and estate was located in Richmond (so I was thinking of the U.S., Richmond, Virginia.  Then it dawned on me, they live in England.  What surprised me is how the internet has made our world smaller—I believe that can be a good thing.  And trust me, I realize this is a huge “duh” to most of you, but when I think of what you can see, sort of up-close and personal, with the click of a mouse it astounds me and makes me very happy.

Petersham Nurseries

an excerpt from Petersham Nurseries website…“If the nursery itself wasn’t photogenic enough, it is set at the centre of an Arcadia created in the 18th century. Just over one hundred years ago, threatened with development, an “Indignation” Campaign ensured the view from Richmond Hill, of which this Arcadia was key, became the first and only view to be protected by Act of Parliament. Running alongside the Thames, this exquisite area of woodland and water meadows has inspired poets, writers, composers and artists such as J.M Turner and Sir Joshua Reynolds”.

In addition to the beautiful estate and the breathtaking nursery, they own Petersham Properties—a company that rents out manor houses for holiday for ordinary folks like you and me—well, maybe.  I’ll have to check the prices and get back to you on that.

Petersham Properties

This lovely little country house in the Cotswold sleeps 8---yes, please!

Where in the world would you like to visit today or over the Thanksgiving weekend?

Note:  When hubby and I were first married we worked at Disneyland—hubby wore the cute straw bowler hat and was supervisor for the Fantasyland ride, It’s a Small World!