If you visit my blog site (and if you’re reading this, you obviously do, at least occasionally) you may have found my links to other “favorite sites” that I have visited and enjoyed.  Like the World Wide Web, links to great design and food sites can suck hours of time in just one morning/afternoon/evening….must stay focused, must be disciplined. In the season of sharing I hope you’ll find something you like…

{image via Southern Accents}

I’m using some Christmas images in between each paragraph because ’tis the season and I like to see something between all the words—yes, I’m a visual learner, why do you ask?

{image via Southern Accents}

On the other hand, there are so many creative and inspiring sites that truly offer great ideas on design, recipes from the simple to the complex and do-it-yourself tutorials that will astound and delight you, even if you aren’t very accomplished in the DIY department {ahem}.

{image via Country Living}

I started thinking about this topic and realized I hadn’t really updated my list of favorite blog sites in some time and I had discovered a few new sites that I really enjoy.  I also found that a few of my fellow blogger colleagues had stopped blogging for the most part {life interfering with art, no doubt}.

{image via Country Living}

So, drum roll please…here are 3 sites that are new to me and that I find keep me entertained and inspired!

Bardot in Blue is new to me.  Haleigh lives in Paris…need I say more.  She provides you with amazing images of some of the most picturesque places in the City of Lights and with wonderful designs she discovers.  Visit her HERE.  Oh, and if you’ve ever visited Jermaine at the fabulous French Kissed site—Jermaine is Haleigh’s mom…clearly the apple doesn’t  fall too far from the tree as far as artistic talents go.

heirloom philosophy is another site that I’ve only recently found {I stumbled upon this site through Little Blue Deer, a blog designer who redesigned heirloom philosophy}.  Allison posts about antiques and interiors with a great eye for detail.  She takes you to antique shows like High Point and Metrolina Expo and her photography makes you certain you are there!  Visit Allison HERE.

paper{whites} has become a ‘must-read’ for me…Alison, a friend who grew up with our oldest son, has recently begun blogging.  Her fresh take on life as a newlywed in a wonderful beach town is fun and informative.  Visit Alison at paper{whites} HERE.

It’s so much fun reading the stories and learning, not only of new places, but new things (gardens, home design, parties and life)!