When our sons were little I can remember them circling toys in the Toys R Us catalog in response to my question, “What do you want Santa to bring you this Christmas?”  My husband and I were always on a budget so we would listen to them throughout the month of December to make sure Santa we got them what they wanted most.

Once they were older and knew the facts about Santa (parents are Santa’s helpers since clearly Santa can’t be all over the world in one night, right?) we would ask for a list from each of them and to this day that is my method for getting them the very thing they would like…along with some surprises.  Now, I understand that this is the “easy way out”…I know if I were more clever and creative I would know intuitively know what everyone on my list would love and I’d buy it…but I’m not nearly so clever and due to full-time work have little time to ponder the question.

So, I’ve put out the request and am waiting for the lists to pour in.  Meanwhile, my list of wishes is growing by the day.  What is it about this season—the stores bring in wonderful items and display them with more panache than usual and I’m hooked.  Not to mention the endless stream of catalogs, some of which I’ve never seen before, and the list grows.

In fact, I don’t need one single solitary thing, truly I don’t.  But boy, do I see so many things that would be fun to have!  So…I thought I’d share…I’d love to hear what some of you are wishing for this season—besides world peace and an end to worldwide hunger.

I've read about this book and seen some of the pages in blogland but I think I'd enjoy a copy.

Okay, I realize this is too practical, but that's the kind of gal I am...I would love a food scale and just never have purchased one for myself.

This medium Pierre Deux pewter serving tray has been on the radar for some time.

...along with these Pierre Deux coasters.

And while I realize this list holds only items for or about the home and design—well, that’s how I’ve always been.  Hubby used to ask, would you like a diamond bracelet and I’d say, “I’d rather have French doors!”  And on that note, since this is just a “wish list” I’d love to renovate our guest bathroom with this…

Unfortunately, Pottery Barn says this isn't available to California residents, what's up with that?

I hope all your wishes come true!