I’ve come to realize that I’m not a very sentimental person.  I came to this conclusion when I realized I ultimately grow tired of things I have collected throughout my married life.

Through the many Christmas seasons we’ve celebrated as a family I have, during various years, collected teddy bear ornaments, White House collective ornaments, snow men figures, Santas and nutcrackers.

Except for my nutcracker collection, I’ve either given away or permanently stored these collections.  In fact, the teddy bear ornament phase was tied to having two small sons and I seem to remember there was a huge interest in “teddy bears” at the time (maybe the early 80’s?).  Those ornaments have been divided up between 2 boxes labeled to go to my adult sons once they’ve got children of their own, Son #1 will receive his box of teddy bear ornaments this year! {smile, sigh}

image via Southern Accents

I’ve tried to analyze why I don’t feel attached to items for very long but I’ve come up blank.  Maybe it’s the fact that our home is on the small side and really doesn’t have a ton of storage.  Maybe it’s just that the chase (tracking down the perfect _________fill in the blank) is what attracts me.  In any event, I’ve decided to think long and hard before starting any new collections of anything…except maybe the silver spoons I’ve had my eye on at eBay!

My nutcrackers have always held court on the mantle…I sometimes use a garland but this year went with greens tucked in and around the base of each figure.

The short red and white nutcracker by the clock was Made in China but Son #2 bought if for me when he was very young and while the paint may be toxic (not really sure) I love it!  We’ll keep it out of the hands (and mouth) of small children!

This baker nutcracker sits on the kitchen counter each year. {apologies for dark photo}

What kind of collections do you enjoy this holiday season?