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I love this time of year…everything about it makes me happy.  I like cooler weather (I realize there are two distinct camps on this, I have friends that are warm-weather fans) I must have lived in Iceland in another life time! Anyway, here are a few of the things I like best about the season…

image via BHG

I guess it goes without saying, I like the decorating part of the season the best.  I think it’s fun to create new ways to dress up the house.  I’m a traditionalist at heart but its fun to try out new ideas for the home using greens and seasonal  fruit, nuts and the like.  I’ve not done this (above image) but once—hanging wreaths in windows side-by-side.  I think it looks great indoors and/or out.  The reason I haven’t hung live wreaths since the first time is that the hardwood floors were constantly filled with pine needles so maybe I need to find a different spot…but it does look festive and pretty, don’t you think?

image via Slim Paley (you will enjoy her site, visit HERE)

Right up there with decorating is entertaining. I’ve said it before, my house is definitely a winter house.  It looks it’s best when I have a fire in the fireplace and candlelight is emanating throughout.  (Maybe we all look better in candle light, I know I do).  But having good friends over for dinner with Christmas music in the background—good conversation, decent wine and comfort food, what could be better?   (Fans of summer need not respond :-))

image via Country Living

Along with entertaining comes using my Christmas Tree dishes by Spode.  Many of you may know of  my disease—I’m addicted to dishes, all patterns and makes, and I’ve read that there is NO cure.  By the way, I don’t have the red transfer ware pattern above but believe me I’ve eyed it with more than faint enthusiasm!

image via Country Living

And at the end of a beautiful day of holiday traditions I like to climb into bed, between my flannel sheets and catch some zzzzz.

Don’t forget to get your rest during this busy month!  Happy December.