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Maybe its because I’m a first time grandma, or maybe it’s just that time of year when I reflect on events of the past…but I’ve been thinking about how time has flown by and before we knew it our children were adults and now we have children with children! What does this have to do with Christmas, you ask?  I guess it’s the time of year we all start reflecting a bit on years that have passed…and for me, the eternal optimist, an eye on the upcoming year.

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I love the activities around our home this time of year and embrace how they (activities) change as a family changes.  I still delight in baking, putting up the tree, dinners with friends and family and presents.

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I enjoy reading Polar Express and believe with all my heart in the spirit of the story.  (If you’ve only seen the movie but never read the book, you may be disappointed).  Some years I join my dear friends with a ticket to Handel’s Messiah.  The traditions can change and new traditions can become the standard, at least for now.

Christmas can be simple and wonderful; it’s what you make it, right?

I hope you enjoy a Happy Christmas with family and loved ones and the best the holidays can offer!

I’m off to Austin to meet my very first grand daughter, born November 28th!  I’ve scheduled some holiday ideas and will return on December 17th to share more ramblings.  Happy Friday