This Christmas Son #2’s lovely girlfriend gave me a copy of “Domino The Book of Decorating”.  I was excited by the gift because a) It was touching to me that she recognized (after such a short time) how much I enjoy home design and gifted me such a thoughtful gift, and b) because it really is an informative and fun book to add to my library.

Domino Book of Decorating image

I remember thumbing through an issue of Domino before it’s demise.  Sadly, Domino magazine has gone the way of so many others during this economic downturn.  I remember thinking the magazine was geared towards a younger audience.  In fact Wikipedia declares that it aimed for a median age of 37.2.  {I’m just a little older than that!}

domino magazine, Amanda Peet

What make this book stand out are the step-by-step instructions it provides the design-driven layperson.  The chapters give you the detailed tools for amassing inspiration for your space and how to select a style that reflects what you really adore.  However, it goes beyond basics and gives you professional guidance on tracking down “to the trade” components to your room.  It offers tips for mixing and matching pieces of furniture and selecting upholstery and paint color.

all images via domino

It has been a fun read and I believe it will be a valuable resource for any future home improvement projects.  Thank you, Sarah!