While in Austin in November my DIL (daughter-in-law) asked me to help her arrange a wall gallery of ‘eventual’ photos of my granddaughter.  Jamie and Kyle had purchased the frames and wanted to get them hung with the idea that empty frames would inspire them to complete the project sooner than later.  A wise way to motivate yourself, I believe.

This gallery appears to be family pictures, all black and white, very pretty, love the framed red shoes.


I have always enjoyed the visual pop a wall gallery can provide for a room.  I enjoy the added interest a grouping of like or dissimilar framed graphic art, prints, paintings, mirrors and architectural elements can lend.

I like the set of prints, plaid sofa and the doggie!

A mirror in the gallery (above) reflects light and adds to the room as much as the gallery itself.

This image is from a store, but still an impressive gallery, don’t you think?

Technically there are no rules—that’s the beauty of it.  In fact that is something Jamie mentioned to me when she showed me the picture that had inspired her to do the gallery.  She rightly assumed that we needed to hang the most central, prominent frame and spatially fill in the blanks with the other frames.  The gallery turned out very well and will provide an artistic touch to a section of wall that might have been challenging otherwise.  I would have taken a picture but the photographs aren’t installed yet, next trip.

The wall color, color coordinated book/magazine ends and architectural prints makes this room swoon-worthy!

The gallery in this low ceiling room expands the space.  Be sure to secure your frames to avoid them falling on your head while you slumber!

Same store…I wonder where this store is?

This convex mirror is beautiful with what appears to be antique prints…so nice.

A hallway gallery is the ideal place for a gallery of art, it gives an otherwise utilitarian space decorator appeal…love the floating art frames.

{via Lonny Magazine}  Stair galleries are another fun place to get creative with your framed art.

{via New Victorian Ruralist}   This image is a favorite…the chocolate brown walls contrasted with the bright white bead board and equestrian objects is a favorite theme of mine.

Antique pages from a botanic text book can provide such a wonderful grouping.  I purchased antique botanic images  for our guest bathroom {visit HERE} and loved the way they turned out once framed.

{via Martha Stewart}  Does this corner gallery remind anyone, besides me, of Hermes boxes?

{via Pasadena Showcase House}  Objects of interest in and around a photo gallery makes it that much more interesting, don’t you think?

{My apologies, I think this room is Brooke Gianetti’s study re-do, not positive}  Love the various components of the room, including he wicker hampers, gallery and desk appointments.

{via The Enchanted Home} The glass front cabinet takes center stage in this wall gallery, isn’t it great?!

{via Trouvais}  I love the reflection of wall gallery

What’s hanging in your home?