Caution:  This post may take longer to read than you have time for!

I am still relatively new to regular, weekly (code for consistent) blogging, so I often search sites that blog about similar topics (gardens/gardening; home décor/improvement; cooking/entertaining) to my own for ideas on how to improve my site.  Sometimes I walk away feeling inadequate and overwhelmed, but more often than not I’m inspired to “Stay Calm and Continue Blogging”.

I created a file for favorite posts that either a) inspired me to create changes/improvements to my home, garden or even blog site, or b) were so lovely to view and ponder and dream (like a feature in a magazine) that I visited the post repeatedly.

That said, I’ve noticed many blog sites have featured their TOP ____(fill in the blank with your favorite number).  Here are my top 10 for 2010 (these were posts that went into my file, in truth there are probably more posts that I simply couldn’t find or have forgotten about):

1.  Things That Inspire, April 25, 2010, “Glass front cabinets – form over function?”

Holly lives in Atlanta, Georgia and is currently building her own home.  She always has interesting and in-depth information about interior design, architecture and art.  The images she shares with her readers are amazing.

2.  The Lettered Cottage, April 26, 2010, “Easy, Affordable Ways to Add Character to a Newly-Built Home”

Layla and Kevin Palmer, a husband and wife team that will astound you with their creativity.  They truly have a knack for turning the most ordinary into an extraordinary place to live.  They are very talented with DIY, something I can only wish I could do, but you get some helpful tips on sprucing up discarded treasures.  This is a fun site to visit.

3.  Peggy & Fritz, August 19, 2010, “Finally a little sunshine”

Ann is a SoCal blogger and her site always makes me smile.  She shares images of her travels and I get some great ideas for everything from table settings to furniture and fashion design.

4.  Cote De Texas, May 5, 2010, “The Stone Turret House”

Due to computer issues I was not able to successfully download an image of the house, but you can click on the link I’ve provided and see it.

Joni is the rock star of blogging and for good reason.  Her site always educates and provides solid information on her topic (interior design and prominent designers).  Her images are the stuff dreams are made of.

5.  Limestone & Boxwoods, May 23, 2010, “Ride-by:  A Peachtree Battle Beauty”

I had the same problem with images from Limestone & Boxwoods

This site doesn’t post frequently, but when he does post it is wonderful!  I believe he lives in Atlanta—I really must visit Atlanta some day.  They seem to have some amazing homes.

6.  Velvet & Linen, May 30, 2010, “A garden dining room…

Brooke was recently mentioned by the New York Tiimes which featured her recently remodeled pink bathroom.

Brooke is a talented interior designer located in California.  Her shop is always filled with treasures I’d love to incorporate in my own home.  Her husband is an architect and between them there is always something beautiful being developed.

7.  French Kissed, December 30, 2010, “Cashmere Epiphany”

Jermaine is an amazingly talented photo stylist and her vision is evident in every room of her lovely French inspired home.  She finds second hand treasures and manages to create such an old world ambiance that you would swear her home was actually an historic country house outside of Paris.

8.  The Inspired Room, June 3, 2010, “Charming Potting Shelves”

Melissa is located in Seattle and I always look forward to reading her post.  She keeps me grounded and reminds me what is important when hearth and home are concerned.

9.  Trouvais, December 31, 2010, “Happy New Year’s Eve”

Trish takes me on a journey into some of the most beautiful historic and present day castles, homes, estates—she always surprises and delights with her images.

10.  Brabourne Farm, December 24, 2010, “Love…flowers @ Brabourne Farm

This site is strictly images driven.  How she manages to find so many beautiful pictures of my favorite things in the world is impressive.

If you find yourself with spare time in 2011 (I know, I know, WHO HAS SPARE TIME?!) visit these sites.  I believe you will have fun!