I was trying my best to organize saved images in files that give some indication of subject.  I discovered something…I have more kitchen images than any other topic.

There’s no excuse really—we remodeled our kitchen in 2003 and I love it.  For a small kitchen it is very efficient and works well for hubby and I.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will most probably never have a large kitchen and I think that’s okay.

kitchen remodel

This is an overview of my kitchen; it's a galley kitchen but works pretty efficiently.

Above the scale are some of my favorite cookbooks.

This image doesn't do my pantry justice...it was built to look like a piece of furniture, including a beveled glass front cabinet in the middle, and it works well as a pantry. With a small kitchen I think it adds interest to an otherwise small space.

Many of the images below don’t resemble our kitchen, which is kind of strange, right?   I think what happened is that when we moved into this house the only thing we could afford to do right away was to remove the harvest gold Formica with white tile and install new cabinet doors that we had painted white.  Our kitchen went from looking absolutely sad to really looking pretty darn nice for not many $$$.  I loved that white kitchen even though it was sorely lacking in efficient storage space and the contact paper was permanently sealed on the particle board shelves inside each cupboard.

This is the kitchen of the blogger at A Country Farmhouse. She changes some of her shelf accessories to reflect the seasons.

I really like the wood paneled walls. (KML Design)

An all time favorite; love the black French doors (Tommy Smythe)

I would have opted for another white kitchen when we remodeled but hubby felt very strongly that we should go with stained cupboards.  Our kitchen designer’s kitchen was our wish list example of a great kitchen and her cupboards were stained so we all agreed that was the way to go.  I also figured that if the cupboards got really beat up and old I could do to them what we did to the old cabinets.  We could replace them with white painted cupboards.

The lanterns and natural light in the kitchen makes me swoon! (Alexa Hampton)

Not sure of the source, sorry.

This kitchen makes me smile---all the natural light!

Love the black accents with the white walls, great contrast. (John Jacob Interiors)

Hubby has wanted wing back chairs at a dining table for as long as we've been married...these are great. Question, would we ever leave the table in the morning? I think not.

Bottom line, I love white kitchens as you can see…some of these images make me sigh with happiness.

Do you have stained cabinets in your kitchen or white?