While I’m usually pretty happy with my home and it’s interiors I do find there are times I grow restless and want change.  I’ve come to realize that when the restlessness occurs it’s best to wait it out with some minor changes and sprucing up, as opposed to calling in the demolition team to tear down a wall or rip out a built-in.

I confess, it took a few major disasters for me to figure out that sometimes, for whatever reason you subscribe to (mood swings, boredom, a home tour, general dissatisfaction with everything), it’s best to use common sense when you decide you’re ready for change.

via The Inside Story

There's nothing like a home tour to make me slightly dissatisfied with some part of my home.

A couple of years ago Traditional Home addressed this very topic with a feature titled, “Common Sense Decorating”.   It’s suggested that you “re-visit, re-cover, re-place, re-define.  Remind yourself what matters most.”  The recommendations for little things you could do to give your home a lift were spot on so I kept the feature in my file.

Here are some of my favorites:

Replace what you have with its opposite.  If you currently have solid pillows on your sofa, try patterned pillows for awhile.  I have always thought pillows were an economical way to spruce up a room.  They can give you a sense of major change in a room and can be found so inexpensively.  You can make your own with very little sewing skill.

Put solid pillows where you have had patterned ones and try something in a bold print, just to change things up a bit.

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Maybe even add a colorful throw (it doesn't have to be Hermes but that would work!) to go with the patterned pillow.

Change the shades on your chandelier.  That is such a fun change.  Ballard Designs sells a great selection of patterned shades and I’ve seen some pretty decent ones at Target on a good week.  I have a good friend that has 2-3 sets of shades and she changes them for the season.  I love the look they give the room, very custom, and it’s always caught my eye when I enter her family room.   While we’re on the topic of lighting, try changing lamps between rooms or pick up a couple of new lamps for a spot that needs a serious sprucing.

via Vogue Living Australia

Isn't this twiggy outdoor chandelier fun? I borrowed this image from my blog friend over at Peggy & Fritz. (image via Vogue Living Australia)

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A new lamp shade, neutral to black, or the opposite, can have an impact.

via House Beautiful

Maybe a couple of new lamps is just what a room/you need.

Paint a room.  This is a relatively simple change that probably can have more impact than any of the other suggestions.  It also requires a bit more work but if you’re really sick of a room, what better way to start a major change.

via Better Homes and Garden

Maybe you've wanted to try a little more contrast between your bead board and the wall above in your bathroom. I like this taupe color.

Cote de Texas, via Cabbages & Roses

I'd love to try a version of gray, it seems to be showing up everywhere.

Cote de Texas painted her kitchen door black, doesn't it look sharp?

Refresh a room with new curtains or slip cover a chair.  These can be a little more expensive to achieve, unless you are one of those amazingly talented folks who can whip up a slip cover in an afternoon; I’m not one of them.

I must admit, slipcovers on certain chairs appeals to me.

There are things you can add or take away from a room that has been in need of a face-lift and you’ll be surprised at how much change you will achieve.  I sometimes remove all accessories and then put back only what I want.

And finally, if you have no time or money but are still dissatisfied with a room, spring clean! It’s amazing to me how much happier I can be with a space if I give it a total ceiling to floor cleaning, as if the Queen is coming for a visit.  It really works.  It’s why people who spruce up their homes for a real estate sale are often sorry they are moving.

When all else fails, clean the house!

What do you do to spruce up around the house when you start feeling restless?