Since spring is sure to arrive any minute now…it’s officially on the calendar but isn’t in full swing.  Mother Nature has toyed with us and there’s been a couple of spring-like days but I’m still waiting for the real deal.

So while I wait I thought I’d dream of what I want my garden to look like.

No, I don’t have a thatched roof cottage but I wish I did!

Somehow the Brits just know how to grow flowers without them looking too contrived, almost as though they grow wild.

Braeburn House, via Options 1st

In case you imagine this entire post is a fantasy, I do have a white garden gate to the back yard…now I just need to tame the wildness that has occurred over the winter months.

Okay, this garden is being shown because wouldn’t we all love a tennis court in our back yard, especially a grass court!

Herb garden, Belmont House

I am going to work on my herb garden this spring.  I want more herbs than I’ve had in the past, maybe even a pepper or two.

This image is not part of the Options 1st set, Flickr

If my yard had more sun I’d definitely be down for a few raised vegetable beds.

It seems that in England flowers even grow in baskets on bicycles!

The above images are via a website I discovered thanks to Rosemary at Content in a Cottage called Options 1st…enter at your own risk!

Ugardeners FlickrVia UGardeners, Flickr

I will work on my roses so that they bloom like these (above) and try my best to get rid of the sawfly that has plagued them every summer for the past 5 years!

And finally, I will tend to my sheep…oh wait, I don’t have any sheep.  Sheep and chickens, I’d like them both but might have to move to be allowed any!

Happy Spring and hopefully, we’ll all feel the warmth of the season soon!