Naming a house seems to be the norm in England and maybe on the east coast of the U.S. but you don’t hear of too many homes in Southern California having been given names…unless they are grand manor houses.

Like this lovely little abode in Santa Barbara…



The above entry is from an amazing French-inspired home designed by Architect Steve Giannetti.  See more of this beauty at Velvet & Linen HEREI don’t see a name sign but I hope the owners have named it.
In Atlanta, where incredible homes reign, I wonder if they name them?

This beauty was posted on Limestone & Boxwoods blog site.

…and Things that Inspire always  posts beautiful images of the Atlanta Homes she finds inspiring.


We live on Bethany Drive and for some reason, from the moment I knew this house would become our home, I wanted to name it.  It was probably 8 years after we moved in that I purchased an antique-brass name plate that declared our humble abode as “Bethany House”.  The plaque also has the words “Est. 1982” which was the year we moved in.

It may seem silly but I always  smile when I see the plaque and am reminded of how happy we’ve been in this home.

I didn’t know of this (above) sign company until about a year ago when The Lettered Cottage hosted a giveaway of a Ramsign.  Ramsign has an amazing selection of classic address plaques.

5th & State, one of my favorite blogs, recently posted a series of pictures from charming door/entry ways in England, all with names attached.

Do you wonder if the person that lives here is named Elizabeth?

As a huge Christmas fan I think the name “Mistletoe Cottage” is inspired!

I’ve read that in some countries they name their house based on the street that the home is located on and that Realtors have been known to suggest that the homeowner change the name to create more appeal if the house is up for sale.

My little name plaque…

Have you named your home?  Does it have a name-tag?