I posted about Rogers Gardens late last fall (HERE) and while my photography didn’t really do it justice I thought I’d give it another “college try”.

Besides, the light in spring seems to make everything look so much better.

When the seasons change I find Roger’s Gardens to be a wonderful source of inspiration.  The nursery is so much more than plant materials and gardening supplies.  There are 2 large gift galleries that offer everything from antiques to small gift items.  Prices in the gift gallery are not overly expensive and its a great source for hostess and birthday gifts.  Whoever they hire to stage the various vignettes in the gallery does an amazing job and I will often get ideas for decorative accessories and table settings.


Unlike the gift gallery, most of the live plants are relatively expensive so I usually visit for ideas and then search out alternate sources.  I feel just a little guilty about doing this, but when you see the lines for the cash register I think you realize my paltry purchase wouldn’t make a bit of difference in their bottom line.

The buyers find some interesting antique reproduction pieces, like the slightly rusty, large clock.  Roger’s carries a wonderful array of cement putis, plaques and planters.



See what I mean…there are so many beautiful and unique plants to get ideas from.  The topiary with succulents planted at the base were tempting.

Bleeding heart has always been a favorite.                                                                 Columbine is another beautiful spring and summer favorite.

Purple calla lily…so beautiful                                                                                          Astilbe, another delicate beauty.


I wanted some planting ideas for my secret garden (HERE) and Rogers truly finds some of the most unique specimens.

Thanks for joining me on this field trip to Roger’s Gardens.  Do you have a favorite nursery for buying plants?