I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on this whole spring—let’s get organized! mood that’s seems to be sweeping the country neighborhood. Maybe there’s something in the air…not sure, but I need to capitalize on it while it lasts.

Image via Martha Stewart

Image via Martha Stewart

Image via Martha Stewart

For my type A / OCD personality, there is almost nothing more satisfying than cleaning/organizing a space.  I know weird, right?

Maybe not quite as “organized” as Martha

For some reason the kitchen is where I usually start when this industriousness descends upon me.  I have a small kitchen and less (stuff) is definitely more where my kitchen is concerned.  Just a few careless turns of emptying the dishwasher and throwing things in the cupboard can create chaos and extreme disorganization.

Image via House of Smith                                                                                 Image via Penny Pantry

My pantry is extra small since when we remodeled the kitchen I opted for what I felt was attractive (a piece that resembles a piece of furniture) rather than a large, well designed boxy shape space, complete with pull out shelves and built-in organizing features.

My pantry

Clearly, I have my work cut out for me.

For years Hubby has expressed a desire to put cereal and dry goods, (cookies, crackers, pasta, etc.) in airtight containers over keeping the original box.  I can give you the reasons why I never wanted the glass/plastic containers:  can’t remember what the expiration date on those crackers is; can’t remember what the calorie count is on the cereal; can’t remember what I put in this jar, is that sugar or salt?  I realize there are ways to get around this but if I was going to streamline and work more efficiently I didn’t want labels or tags that could get soiled or bent (very OCD, right).  But I’ve started to see the errors of my thinking.  I found these containers and am ready to store almost anything in them…

OXO POP storage containers, available HERE

Image via Martha Stewart

As most of you probably know, there are all sizes and types of containers out there, its just that I really never thought I’d want to use them.  The OXO containers are air tight with the push of a button, no burping necessary (remember Tupperware and the recommended burping?).

I’m not sure whether I’ll label all 4 (so far) of my OXO canisters—so far we have coffee in one and decaf coffee in the other and I did label the decaf; the other 2 have cereal in them and I can identify the cereal without a problem.

Clearly there are some pantry items I wouldn’t put in containers…I like the labels on the bottles and jars of some of the stash, but I must admit, after fighting it for years, it does feel very tidy having a few of the clear, clean storage canisters.

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picture of oxo canisters